Email Marketing Service


If you purchase an Email Marketing Plan by clicking on the button below, we will handle all of the necessary web page integration steps free of charge*. This service includes: updating your current web form, creating the corresponding customer list, creating a basic autoresponder email and generating your API key to link your accounts together.
Our normal price for this integration service is $149 but if you purchase an Email Marketing Plan from this page (within an hour after requesting your Free Web Bundle) we will waive the $149 fee and perform the service at no extra charge to you.
Get started with email marketing for as little as $15/month.

If you are considering adding email marketing to you business marketing plan, you are making an EXCELLENT decision.

The internet is “open” 24/7/365 so why not take full advantage of every minute of that time. Our web bundles already include a basic form that potential customers can use to contact you but why not take that basic form to an entirely different level?

Your ability to stay in touch with customers is vital to the success of your business.
But doing so can be challenging especially as your business continues to grow. Failure to keep your customers contact information safe and organized can lead to a lot of missed sales opportunities and headaches galore!!! An email marketing service such as GetResponse can help streamline your communications by providing a one-stop shop where you can collect, organize and plan your daily, weekly or monthly communications.

“Bounced” emails are the Achilles’ heel of every email marketing campaign.
One of the biggest mistakes businesses often make is sending announcements directly from their shared host email server, gmail, yahoo mail, etc. accounts. These types of accounts require very little owner verification and are often used to send large volumes of SPAM email. As a result, these emails often get flagged as SPAM and never actually reach the intended customer. The worst part of the whole thing is that you cannot track the effectiveness of your emails. You will never whether you email was delivered and opened or “Bounced” because you have no visibility once you click the send button.

GetResponse works closely with services such as Return Path, Litmus, Port25, SpamHaus and SpamAssassin to ensure the highest delivery rates for your business. In fact the company proudly boasts about their 99% successful delivery rate. With GetResponse’s activity tracking features, you can manage the effectiveness of your emails by seeing how many of your emails were successfully delivered and how many of those emails were actually opened.

Truly POWERFUL stuff… click the button below to get started.

* Must purchase Basic or higher GetResponse Email Marketing Plan through this web page in order to qualify for this offer.
Free 30 day trials plans do not qualify for this free upgrade.
Disclosure: Some providers listed on our website will compensate us for referrals